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Since it seems I ran out of space on the other pages for my audio files I found this spot to park them all in .Here you will find a large assortment of audio files of everything from the BBC to an Indonesian regional..

If you are interested in learning how to do this there are a few tools out there to use.

Most computers running Windows will have something such as SoundRecorder or Media Player. You can use those to record off the radio directly with a patch cord from the headphone out to a mic in or line in jack depending on your soundcard specs. In Linux there will be all sorts of tools to use such as Audacious or similiar programs. The Real media has fallen by the wayside.With new compression techniques it's possible to keep file sizes down to a reasonable level now.


The radios I have used for this site are as follows.

1. Sangean ATS803A

2.Realistic DX380

3.Drake R-4A

4. Motorola built R-390( Collins )

Links for the radio manufacturers are as follows:

Sangean - A World of Listening

Motorola, Inc.

R.L. Drake Company Home Page

Hopefully this will get you started on making your own recordings, or at least give you an idea of how to do it .

Now for the goodies :) These were made using the now up and running Motorola -manufactured R-390:

1.Radio New Zealand International recorded on 17675 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical.

2.Spanish National Radio from Madrid recorded on 6055 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical

3.Channel Africa recorded on 15215 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical

4.Radio Jordan recorded on 11930 khz using R-390 and 60 ft antenna

5.Africa Numero Un from Gabon recorded on 15475 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical

6.RTV Marocaine from Morocco recorded on 15345 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical

7.Radio Pakistan from Pakistan recorded on 15485khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.

8.Radio Cameroon from Cameroon recorded on 4850khz using R390 and 60 ft dipole.

9.Voice of Broad Masses? from Eritrea recorded on 7100 khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.

10.Voice of Hope from Lebanon recorded on 6280 khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.

11.Radio Altura from Peru recorded on 6479khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical

12. Radio Paraton? from Peru recorded on 6956.5 khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.I am not sure on this ID yet. Maybe someone can help.

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